4 Tools That Dads Wants For Christmas!

//4 Tools That Dads Wants For Christmas!

4 Tools That Dads Wants For Christmas!

Lets be real. Dads are hard to shop for. Here are 4 ideas that will hopefully make your last minute Christmas shopping a little less stressful.

1) A Swiss+Tech 19 in 1 is a very unique key chain and one of the TOP sellers on Amazon right now. For the Dad whos garage is full, its always nice to have a key-chain that even Optimus Prime would be jealous of.

2) Sticking with the theme of travel sized tools, A 9 in one, credit card sized multi tool that can fit comfortably in Dads wallet is a perfect gift. Just make sure not to head through airport security with this guy.

3) A magnetic wristband – Even though it looks silly, anyone who has worked on a house, or built something requiring a lot of screws, can tell you that reaching into a pocket, or tool belt full of sharp pointy objects is string of swear words waiting to happen. With different magnetic sections, it can hold screws, bolts small tools, all RIGHT there whenever you need them. Its the third hand you’ve always wanted.

4) Any man has several pocket knives, or hunting knives laying ’round the house at any given time. Many of these have been there for years. This inexpensive sharpening tool can handle all of them. Whether the blade is serrated or standard, this tool can get it back to like new condition.

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