Halloween Cleanup after Pranks and Slip-ups

Halloween cleanup can be the scariest thing about the holiday. Here’s a tip sheet on how to remove eggs, toilet paper, wax, and other messes that go bump in the night. Halloween can be a messy holiday. With pranksters about, you may end up with egg yolks dripping down your siding and toilet paper hanging [...]

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Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring is almost here. But, with the change in the weather it might be time to make sure your home is ready for these warm days. The winter takes it's toll on our homes. Below are the Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring, saving you money and keeping your home efficient. Have [...]

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Prevent Your Roof From Collapsing – Remove Ice and Snow

Heavy snow and ice accumulation, coupled by a wave of roof collapses, have left residents of the Northeast rushing to remove ice and enough snow before their rooftops give way. The demand is so great that snow removal tools like roof rakes have become winter's version of Tickle Me Elmo -- a hot commodity flying [...]

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Protect Your Home from Rochester NY’s Freezing Temperatures

Rochester NY’s winters can be tough on a house. Quality Homes of Rochester wants to help you take the proper steps to protect your home from all the problems that the freezing temperatures bring. Below are a few helpful hints to make sure you’re safe from the deep freeze Inspect exterior walls for holes and [...]

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Tips on choosing deicers

There’s no denying it: Ice on steps and walkways is extremely dangerous, leading to countless injuries each year. It’s bad enough if you or a family member take a tumble, but it may be even worse if someone else does. Under certain circumstances, you could be liable if someone slips and injures themselves while on your property. [...]

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