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Financing options of Quality Homes:

FinanceSince the first day of business here at Quality Homes we have made programs available for our homeowners to make their home improvement projects more affordable. We proudly offer many home improvement financing options.

As banking in recent years has changed, Quality Homes is always looking for the best programs for our homeowners.

Today we are financing our loans through:

  1. Wells Fargo where we can lend you up to $15,000 unsecured with a rate as low a 6.9%
  2. GE Money Bank is also unsecured money with rates as low as 7.99%
  3. Admiral Bank offers you up to $25,000 secured money and also $15,000 unsecured
  4. Wells Fargo Renovation program. This program offers a lot of features that you do not get from local banks. Like future value and cash out refinance with your home improvements. Wells Fargo offers you up to $30,000 unsecured

Wells Fargo

  • $15,000 unsecured

GE Money

  • unsecured money


  • up to $25,000 secured

Wells Fargo

  • future value  
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