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Rochester NY’s most reputable contractor for your roofing.

We take pride in our work and ensure your home is both beautified and insulated. Your roof is probably the most important part of your home as it keeps the weather out and the heat from leaving. We work with you while considering replacing your roofing to figure out a cost effective product and a style you will love. So, if you need a roof replacement, we can provide you with the right reasons for each roof type and as a result find a solution that is the best for you.

ROOFING – Quality Homes of Rochester can help replace your roof in no time.

Quality Homes is roofing Rochester. Roofing can be messy and time-consuming with the wrong contractors. Therefore, Quality Homes of Rochester makes it a hassle free experience with our experienced contractors who are efficient and professional. Most of all insuring each job is completed in a timely manner. If financing or money problems are causing you to disregard your roofing needs our financing department can help. Don’t put off your roof replacement, contact Quality Homes of Rochester today!

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First of all, I am very pleased the way the siding came out. It is just gorgeous and I can say with all of my heart you sent me two of the very best guys, Steve and Bill. They both take pride in what they do, they are very neat and I will call them both very professional in their skills. If you ever wanted to make a good boss and never worry about anything then it would be Steve. I call him the main honcho and a very good leader. Bill also has done a wonderful job. I’m sure he will learn a lot of great skills from Steve. Thank you again.

Mrs. Jessie M. Chandler

Your employee’s fine workmanship, creativity, exactness, pride, and professionalism in his work have enabled us to have a beautiful home, and this is only a part of what Mike gave to us. Mike possesses the qualities of one who is kind, patient, caring, supportive, and calm in the face of challenges. Also, his work-site organization and neatness was exemplary. As a former public school superintendent, I know the value of an outstanding employee. You are extremely fortunate to have this exceptional and uniquely valuable individual as a part of your organization!

Marla McBride & Yvonne Watkins